Top five reasons why building a healthy credit score is essential to improving your overall financial health!

Help improve my credit score fast in UK

At Paysend, we believe a healthy credit score can positively impact your financial health, leading to new and exciting experiences and opening up various benefits, giving you the time and freedom to focus on what matters most. 

Sometimes, however, it can be tricky to determine the best method to boost your score. That is why Paysend is here to help!  

So what is a credit score?

In short, a credit score is a number that indicates how reliable you are with your finances, a value determining how likely you are to pay back personal loans or credit card payments.

A respectable credit score is a necessity for improving your overall financial health. The higher the number, the lower risk, and the more applicable to financial perks you will be.

Understanding what leads to improving your credit score

Factors that determine your credit report and reveal your credit score are aptly named credit score factors. Factors that may affect your scores are as follows:

  • Total debt
  • Number of accounts
  • Types of accounts
  • Number of late payments
  • Age of accounts

Monitoring your credit activity can help you keep on top of your finances and inform the management of your spending, saving, and repayments. 

Why lenders use credit scores

Before credit scores, lenders would deliberate over applicants' credit reports to determine a higher or lower rating. This process was time-consuming, leading to mistakes and biased results, decisions made that may have had little bearing on the applicant's ability to repay debt promptly. 

These days, credit scores help lenders assess risk fairly and objectively. The score solely reflects the likelihood to repay debt responsibly based on past credit history and current credit status, generated by central Credit Reference Agencies (CRAs). 

Here are the top five reasons why building a healthy credit score is essential to improving your overall financial health: 


Help improve my credit score fast in UK

Experience higher approval rates

A good credit score will mean you are more likely to be approved for bespoke financial products and services, such as credit cards or loans. Although financial institutions may look at other factors such as income and employment status, your credit score will play an integral role in determining your financial freedom. 

Gain access to higher credit limits and premium credit products with lucrative rewards and other benefits by growing your credit score.  


Help improve my credit score fast in UK

Enjoy lower interest rates!

Lenders will often increase the interest rate for those they judge to be high risk and offer lower interest rates to candidates who can show proof of reliability and on-time payments. 

With your score moving from good to great, you will be surprised how incremental improvements can lead to huge savings! 


Help improve my credit score fast in UK

Benefit from improved contract terms!

Insurance, utility, and mobile providers may check your credit report to determine what package is most suited for you. 

Insurance lenders will want to identify the eligibility of clients for specific premiums. Utility companies for gas, water, and electricity will often place you on a prepaid account, such as a meter, should you have a poor credit score. 

Phone service providers might be limited to what package they can offer you should you not have a respectable score. 


Help improve my credit score fast in UK

Provide credibility for employers!

Certain prospective employers may check your credit report as part of their screening process to judge trustworthiness, especially when in a position where you will be handling large sums of money or have a high level of responsibility. 


Help improve my credit score fast in UK

Increased opportunity when buying or renting!

When inquiring about buying or renting a property, the letting agent, landlord or homeowner may request your credit score to determine your trustworthiness as a reliable tenant or buyer.

Improve your credit score with a Credit Builder account in three simple steps: 

  1. Activate Credit Builder as part of Paysend Grow and top up the amount you want to spend
  2. Link your Paysend card to start spending or sending money transfers through the Paysend app
  3. Set up autopay. Paysend will report your Credit Builder repayments to major CRAs.

Here at Paysend, we understand better than most the need to be financially responsible and reliable. For this reason, Paysend has developed an all-new approach to boosting your credit score! 

Managing your expenditure can be a tricky business. A good credit rating is vitally important when looking to rent, apply for a loan or mortgage, or take out a new mobile phone or internet contract. 

Paysend Credit Builder, an all-new add-on feature to the Paysend app, allows you to start building your credit score in a few easy steps and take charge of your financial health! 

Paysend Credit Builder enables you to make money transfers and carry out day-to-day transactions online or offline using your Paysend card or bank account while managing repayments quickly and easily.  
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