4 reasons to use Paysend’s digital money transfer app

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4 reasons to use Paysend’s digital money transfer app

From giving back to their communities to helping loved ones with financial support, read inspiring stories behind why people use Paysend’s digital money transfer app. Customer satisfaction is the motivation behind everything we do here at Paysend. It is our goal to continue reducing economic barriers by providing users the ability to access money transfer options to send funds to their friends and family abroad.

To show appreciation for our customers, we hosted the WeConnect Sweepstakes in honor of our 1-year anniversary of launching in the US. This not only gave us an opportunity to give back to the customers that use and support us most, but it also gave us insight into the motivation behind why they use our platform to send money to loved ones internationally.

Here are 4 reasons customers have used our digital money transfer app to stay connected to family and friends living abroad:

Keeping up with personal expenses

Life is full of both expected and unexpected expenses. While living internationally, customers often use our services to provide financial support to help loved ones back home manage everyday needs like bills, school payments and more.

I send money to my loved one in Ghana for school fees. Paysend helps my family a lot.

Learn how our digital money transfer app can improve the financial health of you and your loved ones.

Lending financial support to those affected by natural disasters

Between forest fires, tsunamis, hurricanes and more, natural disasters are inevitable and affect an estimated 160 million people worldwide. These occurrences are often unpredictable and can cause hardships for many.

Even through difficult times, we’re proud to be a lifeline for customers and their loved ones by providing a platform to lend financial support.

My daughter’s home was somewhat destroyed during Hurricane Ida. By sending her money, I can help her get her house back in order.

If your loved one has been affected by a natural disaster, learn how you can lend a hand by using our digital money transfer app.

Supporting loved ones through the COVID-19 pandemic

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, life has been hard for many. From mandated quarantines to social distancing orders becoming part of our routines, people all over the world have had to deal with many uncertainties.
While many have been fortunate, others have been hit harder whether after contracting the virus or how the pandemic has taken a toll on their livelihoods. As we all continue to navigate life in hopes of a brighter, post-COVID world, we can help those still struggling today.

“Unfortunately, the pandemic has hit my mother’s business in Kazakhstan pretty hard and she has not been able to recover. Being able to send her some money really helps her, especially as I’m living so far away from her.”

Here are more ways customers have been able to use our digital money transfer platform to support loved ones through the pandemic.

Giving back to communities through digital money transfers

Speaking of helping others get back on their feet, it warms our hearts to see people helping within their communities through acts of service. Even if our customers may be living outside of their home countries, we’re glad to see that they are still striving to make a positive difference by offering financial support when physical labor isn’t an option.

“My brother runs an organization in Uganda that helps children with cerebral palsy. Money would help facilitate in buying the children medicine, food and other basic needs.”

Feeling inspired to give back to your community, help a friend or support a family member through hard times? Download the Paysend app* from the App Store or Google Play, or visit our homepage now to begin transferring money internationally.


*Standard data rates from your wireless service provider may apply.

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